Their lease on the land in Somers is up

Four albums are live and the other five are studio recordings. Their latest fiery cd is Resurrection. According to the bands website they have won and been nominated for: “Best New Artist at The Maple Blues Awards in 2010, two Rising Star nominations from CBC, back to back Blues Album of the Year nominations from the East Coast Music Association, a win for Best Blues Recording for Redemption at the 2010 Music NB awards and in 2012 Neilsen was a semifinalist in the solo/duo category at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN.”.

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Replica Hermes Bags Smith, whose speech still reveals a trace of his native Minnesota, said he’s always loved Christmas, but the holiday has gotten to be even better “since we’ve been together the last three, four years,” he said.”He’s gladly increased his joy,” Fleming interjected, and Smith finished: “It’s increased exponentially.”Smith asked Fleming to marry him a year ago on the property, as he was crouched down by a Christmas tree.Fleming said Friday was bittersweet, because this is the last year that Hemlock Hill Farm will sell trees to the public. Their lease on the land in Somers is up, and they have to have all of the trees and stumps gone and a cover crop planted by Dec. 31, 2014.”This place is my childhood,” Fleming said. Replica Hermes Bags

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